How to take part in Papal Hearings

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Papal hearings are not religious celebrations, but rather moments dedicated to Followers and Pilgrims, where they can meet and listen to Pope Francis as well as receive the Apostolic Blessing.

Where and how does it take place

Papal Hearings take place every Wednesday in Piazza San Pietro or in the “Sala delle Udienze Paolo VI”, better known as “Sala Nervi”.

Papal Hearings begin at about 10.30 in the morning and whenever possible, the Pope loves walking amongst His followers. Pope Francis moves around ‘Piazza San Pietro’, in the papal car starting from the ‘Arco delle Campane’. During this journey, He will often stop to greet and embrace the masses participating.

During the Hearing the Pope will greet all the groups of Followers in various languages.

The Hearing lasts about an hour and a half and tickets must be booked in advance.

Tickets are free of charge, but are necessary both for the organisation as well as for the safety of all participants.

How to book for the tickets

To book tickets for the Papal Hearing you are requested to contact

Prefettura della Casa Pontificia
00120 Città del Vaticano

Using the appropriate form (Click here for the form) and indicating:

  • Date of the General Hearing
  • Total Number of tickets requested
  • Name/Group
  • Postal Address
  • Telephone or fax number

The form must be posted via ordinary mail to the address of the ‘Prefettura della Casa Pontificia’ or via fax no. +39 06.69885863.

The Prefettura (Prefecture) will send you a written notice following request for those residing out of Rome either via fax or normal mail.

For further information you may contact ‘Prefettura della Casa Pontificia’ on +39 06.69883114 (Monday -Friday 08.30am-1.30pm).

Tickets may be withdrawn from the appropriate office-box in the atrium of the Pope’s Auditorium “ Aula Paolo VI “ located in ‘Piazza del Sant’Uffizio’, from 3.00pm to 7.00pm preceding or on the day of the Pope’s Hearing from 7.00am to 10.00am.

It is recommended to book well in advance.

Useful Information

All participants are required to go through security control should they wish to enter ‘Aula Paolo VI’ in the Vatican or ‘Piazza San Pietro’, which is estimated to take a long time.

When the Pope’s Hearing takes place in ‘Piazza San Pietro’, participants will be requested to go through security control placed at the height of the arcades on the lateral sides of the square.

When it is to be held in ‘Sala Paolo VI ‘, it would be advisable to arrive approximately 2 or 3 hours in advance before the Hearing commences in order to have a seat (about 6000 are available).

Particular attention shall be placed on the elderly and disabled as well as newly- wed couples (married less than two months), who will be accompanied to the areas especially set aside for them near Pope Francis.

Particular attention must also be paid to dress that is required to be solemn, shoulders must not be bare, shorts and skirts are required to be knee-length; should dress not be considered appropriate enough, participants may not be authorised by Security Officials to take part in the event.

Pope Francis held his hundredth Hearing in ‘Piazza San Pietro’ since the beginning of His Pontificate on August 26th, 2015.

It is possible to meet Pope Francis during the Angelus in ‘Piazza San Pietro’ every Sunday as well. On this occasion tickets are not required and admission is free.

Forms have been included hereafter regarding facilities which can be contacted directly to better organise your stay in Rome and in the province of Rome.

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